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Sheila in the Sky

In memoriam of Sheila Ann Gallagher

May 25th, 1961 - August 21st, 2020

This memorial website was named "Sheila in the Sky" as a tribute to one of her many favorite songs - "Spirit in the Sky".

Sheila requested that after her passing we play this song to sing and dance to - we'd encourage each of her family and friends to follow suit and hold this song dearly in their hearts.

This website is intended to highlight Sheila's life through art, photos, prayers, words, recipes, and collaboration. We know that life in the time of coronavirus is limiting, but we hope that you all look through the pages and they inspire you all in ways that only Sheila Gallagher could.

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Sending love

We love to hear any of your stories, memories, and tributes. We know that Sheila influenced so many lives in beautiful ways and cherish each message.
In lieu of flowers, please donate to one of Sheila’s favorite charities. We also would love a memory, a prayer, a photo, or any other kind words sent electronically or via mail. 

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